Chimichurri with steak - Papa Oki

Chimichurri with steak

South Americans - who know a thing or two about great steaks - serve theirs with chimichurri sauce. It's the law apparently.

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Home made pesto - Papa Oki

Home made pesto

This is a ridiculously easy fresh pesto receipe that knocks the spots off anything you can buy in a supermarket. 

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Fresh salsa dip - Papa Oki

Fresh salsa dip

Don’t buy jars of supermarket salsa! They’re expensive and don’t taste anywhere near as good as this fresh, tasty recipe that you can knock up in a few minutes. Prep time: 15 minutes Difficulty: easy Serves: a good size bowl   The best salsa doesn’t need great skill but you’ll notice the difference if you can find super fresh, firm, ripe and fleshy tomatoes. You can reduce the heat by removing the white ribs and seeds in the jalapenos – be careful handling them though. If you’re feeding kids or just don’t fancy the spiciness of peppers, then leave them out...

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